photoSentinel Showcase

The team at photoSentinel are total legends!

Being new to time-lapse we definitely put them through their paces asking every question, with many phone calls back and forth.

They then were able to deliver a unit in record time so that we were able to keep our clients happy.

We cannot recommend photoSentinel enough, the product they supply, along with gallery systems, image delivery straight into our dropbox and time-lapse generator software (that is so user friendly) and of course backup support is second to none.

They truly are a one stop shop, and we certainly look forward to a long and continued relationship!

Sarah Louise Jackson

Director, Sarah Louise Photography

Transformation of QE2 to floating hotel

In 2008, the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2 luxury cruise liner retired from service. Since then, she has been undergoing a major overhaul and refurbishment, commencing a new life as a luxury floating hotel in Dubai in April 2018.

Over 2.7 million man-hours (308 years!) of work were invested in refurbishing this craft, and four photoSentinel cameras were there to document every moment.

OwlBox captures construction of ice cross downhill track in Edmonton, Canada

Using three photoSentinel systems, OwlBox captured this fantastic time-lapse of the building of the Red Bull Crashed Ice course in Edmonton.

OwlBox co-founder, Michael Moller, says "for the full month, the systems were mounted to a roof mount and... the weather ranged from -30C to about +10C. Connectivity was never an issue and the photos uploaded perfectly. When the track build was completed I had 24 hours to assemble all the photos and deliver a video to Red Bull for broadcast in 4K. Here’s the end result."

Air New Zealand Campaign in Queenstown, New Zealand

photoSentinel partnered with Syrp and Diaries Downunder to time-lapse the changing seasons in Queenstown, New Zealand. The project is part of Air New Zealand's Winter in New Zealand campaign, with the first video, right, released on 4th June, 2015.

Click here to read more about the project and to see videos from both photoSentinels on the project, as well as a 'Making Of' clip.

The installation of the photoSentinel camera was simple and the whole system extremely flexible and easy to use. The time-lapse movie of the garden rising from the vacant site was a huge hit with the media, and undoubtedly helped maximise our global media exposure.
Melbourne, Australia

Wes Fleming

Flemings Nurseries

System reliability and quality are essential to our business and photoSentinel gives the flexibility and technical support to make our job so much easier. We especially appreciate the ability to upload a client's image to their own website as soon as it's arrived from the the field.
Adelaide, Australia

Paul Curran

Chief Visionary, Logic Films

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Raygun Photography recently documented the extension of the International Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay for Waterway Constructions.

Circular Quay is on the iconic Sydney Harbour and Raygun Photography were able to make sure their two photoSentinel Pros captured both the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

The rising and falling of the tide also give a different dynamic to this on-the-water construction time-lapse.


Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

Construction is underway on the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project in Port of Long Beach, CA. At two miles long, the new bridge will be California’s first long-span cable-stayed bridge, with a whopping 1000ft main-span. Local time-lapse photographer Michael E Stern captured the construction time-lapse footage in this video using our time-lapse equipment the photoSentinel Pro, and will hopefully capture more great footage over the two year construction.

Award-winning Farm House

High-end builder Join Constructions built the stunning Farm House which won excellence awards for Best House and Best Use of Rammed Earth. And photoSentinel was there to capture the build, every step of the way.


Australian Bushfire Regrowth

In partnership with Cassinia Environmental, photoSentinel is capturing the regrowth of Australian bush after a 2015 bushfire. In this mini documentary, Founder and Director of Cassinia, Paul Dettman, talks about the effect of the fire on the bush and how the long-term timelapse will help them learn more about how the local flora recovers.

Behind the Scenes with Illume Visuals

Raf Sanchez of Illume Visuals takes us behind the scenes of the installation of two photoSentinels which are time-lapsing the construction of a large new casino in Macau. We're pretty sure the second installation featured in the video is the most difficult-to-access photoSentinel installation in the world, requiring some serious rigging gear and courage!.


Rebuilding of hospital after Nepal earthquake

photoSentinel is proud to partner with The Leprosy Mission Nepal (TLMN) in the building of a new orthopaedic surgery ward at the Anandaban Hospital for people requiring treatment for injuries sustained in the ‘Great Earthquake’ of April 2015.

Read more about the project and see the latest photos here.

Joel Schat shoots ice castles in Utah

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, time-lapse photographer Joel Schat is no stranger to shooting in snowy conditions. But this winter, instead of shooting clouds and stars from white mountaintops, the photographer was asked to shoot a month-long time-lapse of the annual building of Utah's well-known winter ice castle.

Click here to read Joel's full account of working with photoSentinel to produce the long-term timelapse.

LA Time-lapser Alex Hallajian

We recently lent LA time-lapser Alex Hallajian, of XLA Studios, a photoSentinel sysetm to trial capturing shipping container activity at Port of Long Beach. Using a combination of short term and long-term timelapse techniques, Alex produced this amazing video. He also wrote a comprehensive post on his photoSentinel experience which you can read here.


Orange Lane Studios

"This image, taken using the photoSentinel Pro, is from a 6 week capture of a lake and park being constructed as part of the next phase of the Blakes Crossing development in Adelaide's North. The photoSentinel unit has withstood some seriously funky winter weather in recent weeks and has not missed a beat. The photoSentinel system has made the photography on this project very easy and straightforward." Sam Roberts, Orange Lane Studios

Construction of a lake and park next to Blakes Crossing in Adelaide

Launch Film captures North America's tallest flagpole

Standing at nearly 100 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty and flying a flag 120 foot wide, this 'flagpole' was erected using structural principles similar to wind turbines. ACUITY Insurance have declared their new landmark, at their headquarters in Sheboygan, WI, 'the world's tallest symbol of freedom'. Paul Miller at ACUITY, in partnership with Launch Film, set up a photoSentinel system to capture the construction and cut together this time-lapse video.

The ability to access the unit online at any time to view the images and voltage has given me peace of mind, and the after-sales support has always been prompt and extremely helpful.
Tongarra, Australia

Dee Kramer

Dee Kramer Photography

The photoSentinel works flawlessly and the staff have been incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and helpful in getting me set up. I highly recommend photoSentinel.
Plano, TX, USA
David Seay

David Seay Productions

David Seay Productions

Based in Dallas, TX, David Seay Productions were recently asked by a client to produce a long term construction time-lapse. Hear what Dave has to say about using the photoSentinel construction camera and check out his test-run of the equipment on his basil crop!


Logic Films

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Logic Films make everything from TVCs to corporate videos to, of course, time-lapse! Here's why they've chosen to go with photoSentinel for their long-term timelapse requirements.

David Duffield, project manager

David Duffield works as a project manager for a local shire that is replacing two ageing timber bridges. As the shire covers over 400 sq km (150 sq mi), a simple site visit uses up time David would rather spend elsewhere. After researching various construction site monitoring solutions, David decided to install two photoSentinel cameras, one at each site.

After setting up the units, he emailed to let us know how great he was finding them... Read more about David's thoughts on the photoSentinel cameras here.

Toohey's Brewery Upgrade

Tooheys Brewery literally raised the roof at their Lidcombe Brewery to install their new Tap King production Line. Raygun Photography was there with a photoSentinel construction camera to capture the installation. In this video, photoSentinel footage has been combined with short term time-lapse to tell the story.

Aussie garden wins Best In Show

Phillip Johnson Landscapes and Fleming’s Nurseries approached photoSentinel to document the construction of their 2013 entry in London’s prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. When their garden, the Trailfinders Australian Garden – presented by Flemings, won the much-coveted Best In Show and Gold Medal honours, the construction time-lapse was sent to media outlets around the world.

Read more about the award winning project here.

Safeway in Los Altos, CA

A photoSentinel construction camera is currently monitoring and time-lapsing the construction of the highly-anticipated new Safeway supermarket in Los Altos, CA. Have a look at this initial rough cut of the first few months of construction by Tilton Pacific Construction, up to mid-March 2014.

Installation in the Pilbarra

Andrew Cutten, of Mining Photography, captured this time-lapse of the installation of a photoSentinel camera against the backdrop of the striking Pilbarra Region of Western Australia.