a photoSentinel Mini 'plug n' play' with solar panel
a photoSentinel Mach II standard package with solar panel
 a photoSentinel premium package with solar panel
A Nikon and Canon camera next to each other

Your choice of camera and lens

photoSentinel Mach II works with a range of Canon and Nikon APS-C and full frame DSLRs.

You can provide your own camera or purchase direct from us. We can provide Canon and Nikon DSLRs, along with Sigma and Tokina wide-angle lenses. Contact us for competitive prices on your preferred setup.

Full list of supported cameras

Clip art of a truck speeding along

Free worldwide shipping

Shipping anywhere in the world is included in retail price of your photoSentinel equipment.

Note that you may have to pay import duties and/or taxes upon receiving your equipment in your country, so make sure you account for this in budgeting your project. We recommend using import duty calculator for an estimate of duties and taxes, and/or contact your local customs authority for a more accurate figure.

For further assistance with this (e.g. HS codes), chat with one of our sales team. Having exported to over 55 countries, we may have some inside knowledge to share about importing to your location.

Not your average cloud service!

Control your system remotely with the photoSentinel Control Hub. Share your project with the world with customisable web galleries. Sleep well at night with detailed status reporting, alerts, and pro-active technical support across multiple timezones.

With photoSentinel, you’re not just getting long-term timelapse equipment, but an explosive ecosystem that streamlines your workflow, and helps you provide value to your clients and grow your business.

Cloud service subscription is per system and is only charged when system is in use. Cloud service subscription does not include cellular data which must be arranged separately with a local provider.

Learn more about our powerful Cloud Services

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