Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies is an amazing time-lapse movie of some of North America's most stunning landscape. Doug Urquhart (The Upthink Lab) and Paul Zizka have crafted a stunning piece of story-telling, short-term and long-term time-lapse and video that has rightly won multiple awards. If you haven't yet seen it, you need to take 15 minutes to dim the lights, turn up the volume, maximise to HD fullscreen and drink in the amazing beauty of the Rockies. This is time-lapse at it's best! And anyone who has to ski to access their locations deserves a special mention!



Amazing footage aside for one moment, the thing that jumped out to me when watching this was how few time-lapses have voice-over. Almost every time-lapse movie I have seen has only music and maybe a soundscape. Yet, the opportunity is ripe for a relevant commentary, and it is little investment for potentially a whole lot more engagement.

A construction time-lapse could include commentary about the construction process, the history of the site or the company story of the constructors or buyers. A landscape time-lapse could include voice-over about the flora, the region or even some local legend. A city time-lapse could include commentary about it's history, it's cultural scene or it's key personalities.

Have you seen or tried time-lapse with commentary/voice-over? How did it go?