If you've been paying close attention to time-lapse releases over the last few years, you may have noticed that Iceland appears to be the favoured vacation destination of time-lapsers. We thought it was time for someone to list of some best time-lapse movies of Iceland all in one spot.

A veritable club of the who's who of time-lapse (Dustin Farrell, Joe Capra, Doug Urquhart and Eric Hines to name a few), have found themselves shivering on the edge of glaciers to capture the perpetual sunset that graces Iceland's summer months and the Aurora Borealis that light up the perpetual nights of winter.

Iceland is graced with more than it's fair share of natural beauty - volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, icebergs, cliffs, and of course the stunning Aurora Borealis, creating more opportunity than normal for the stunning shots that mark these movies. As Dustin Farrell said, Iceland is a magical place where it's impossible to take a bad photo.

However, don't book your tickets to Iceland just yet; shooting there is also an uncomfortable challenge. Eric Hines camped out for weeks in his SUV and on the way one location had to stop every 20 metres to swat away the flies. If you are thinking of spending your summer time-lapsing Iceland, make sure you check out Michael Levy's much appreciated photographers' treasure map of Iceland.

Special mention to Doug Urquhart of Upthink Media for featuring our favourite Icelandic band - Of Monsters and Men - in the soundtrack to Icelandia.