Less than 24 hours after I wrote that 2015 would see lots of Rob Whitworth-inspired time-lapse, the man himself has released his latest epic: Dubai Flow Motion.

Part hyper-lapse, part time-lapse, part stop motion and all ‘flow motion’, Whitworth’s latest creation is truly game-changing. It’s hard to put words to it (all that Philip Bloom could say was the word ‘speechless‘), so here it is in all it’s viewing glory. (If you’re lucky enough to have a 4K screen, head over to Youtube and watch it there.)



Seeing such quality has left some people feeling a little discouraged; “Well, I’m giving up time-lapse now” has been a common response on social media. But, this is obviously no ordinary ‘here’s what I shot on the weekend’ time-lapse. As Whitworth explains in his chat with Michael Zhang at Petapixel.com, Dubai Flow Motion involved two solid weeks of story-boarding, and his Vimeo blurb suggests the entire scouting-to-end-of-shoot took over three months. The project was commissioned by DubaiFilm who were clearly able to gain access to plenty of normally no-go locations, as well as provide plenty of crew to do the hard yards.

This is a well-planned and well-funded time-lapse extravaganza that would be close to unachievable without massive resources. Don’t  hanging up the intervalometer just yet; instead, take Whitworth’s film as inspiration to try your own flow motion. Years of photography and film-making has shown that once someone with resources opens the way, DIY-ers are infinitely resourceful in emulating the new techniques at a fraction of the cost.

So, get out there and start shooting! I can’t wait to see what the video will inspire people to create!