We sent a photoSentinel Mini to our Canadian friends, OwlBox, to test its cold-weather capabilities. Using the Mini and two photoSentinel Pro systems, OwlBox captured this fantastic time-lapse of the building of the Red Bull Crashed Ice course in Edmonton (think motocross on ice skates!).

OwlBox co-founder, Michael Moller, says “for the full month, the Mini was mounted to a roof mount and had fairly optimal sun exposure. The weather ranged from -30C to about +10C. The front glass of the unit was treated with Rainex to help prevent frost buildup and worked excellently. Connectivity was never an issue and the photos uploaded perfectly. When the track build was completed I had 24 hours to assemble all the photos and deliver a video to Red Bull for broadcast in 4K. Here’s the end result.”


Here’s what the track looked like in action for the grand final run, raced in front of 70,000 spectators.


And, if that footage is not hair-raising enough for you, here’s a POV from the action camera mounted to the helmet of title winner Cameron Naasz!