Confession time: I watch a LOT of time-lapse and have become pretty desensitised to the beauty of clouds over landscapes and sunsets over city skylines. It's a bit sad really - sort of like the security guards at the Louvre who don't notice the Mona Lisa. I appreciate the beauty of time-lapse if I stop to look, but often I just walk past and check that it's still there.

But, every now and then, a time-lapse comes along that causes me to put my headphones on, blow it up to full screen and become immersed (unfortunately, I can't turn the lights down in the open-plan office). Today, Joel Schat's Made to Be Seen did just that. The footage, perfectly complemented by the wonderful music choice, is nothing short of world-class.

Without further ado, please sit back and enjoy Made to Be Seen.