It’s been floating around the web for a few years, but when one of our contacts sent this article through, we were pretty impressed! German photography artist Michael Wesely takes out the prize for the longest single exposure, with a series of long (read: very long!) exposures documenting the re-building of New York’s Museum of Modern Art from 2001 to 2004.

Construction time lapse with a difference: Three year single exposure

If you read right to the bottom of the article, you’ll see that, in response to many a cry of ‘impossible!’, the author contacted Wesely directly to ask about the technique. Wesley confirmed that, after months of experimenting, he had perfected a technique that he thinks could capture a single exposure for as long as forty years!

To date, the longest project the photoSentinel has been used to document was just shy of three years. Anyone interested in aiming for forty years?