I was surprised to find that Antonio Sleva’s new Following the Stars has only 1400 plays on Vimeo, because it’s a fantastic time-lapse that deserves much more airplay. There are some great moments in the video, made all the more striking by the use of HDR. The highlights for me where the sun through the clouds (0:20), the great use of foreground objects (1:20, 1:50), the waterfall (2:00) and the sequence of hyper-lapses that make up the entire second half of the video. There is some stunning photography and editing in this video and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves!

Technically, the question in my mind is whether, in the last sequence of bike-mounted hyper-lapses, he hooked up a camera and intervelometer to his bike and rode it, or if he ‘walk-lapsed’ the bike, and made it appear that he rode it. My suspicion is the latter as I think riding the bike would create too much shake. What do you think?