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Possible Event Code Triggers

  • Failed to configure Low Power Trigger session (LPT)
  • Camera error when uploading missed photos (MCE)
  • Missed photo scan failed (MSF)
  • Camera out of focus (257)

You can find the triggering event code and when it occurred by viewing the System Messages on the Status page for this installation. System Messages are indicated with an * next to the Status.


Issue-Specific Troubleshooting

  • If onsite:
    • Reconnect or replace the LPT (Remote Trigger) cable, making sure that the 2.5mm jack in the controller is plugged in fully.
    • Reconnect or replace the camera cable/s:
      • Tempo and Mach II: Replace the USB cable.
      • Pro: Replace the SD ribbon, trigger and/or power cables.
  • Reset or replace the camera. If there is an error message on the camera display, use this to diagnose what needs to be reconnected or replaced.

Remote Troubleshooting

  • Updating to the latest firmware can improve system behaviour. Contact our Support Team to update the firmware remotely.
  • Format the SD card to remove corruption on the card that may be causing errors. Formatting SD the card will clear all photos and those that have not been uploaded or copied to an external drive will be lost.  Set an upload session (Tempo) or an End of Day upload session (Mach II) to attempt to process the remaining photos, otherwise a photo backup will require a site visit. You can format the SD card from your installation’s Config page under Advanced options/settings
    • Tempo: Select On next connection, delete all photos from camera CF/SD card and then Save advanced settings.
    • Mach II: Select Delete all photos from the camera SD card... and then Save.
    • Pro, Mini and Lite: Select Format SD card and then Save.

Upload Session (Tempo): To learn how to set an upload session, read our knowledge base article on Scheduling.

End of Day Upload Session (Mach II): To set an End of Day upload, go to your installation’s Config page and find the End of day uploading section. Tick the checkbox and choose a time to upload. Your schedule must not coincide with your regular photo taking intervals. You can select a date range to look for specific photos to upload.

On-site Troubleshooting

  • Format the SD card on-site from the camera menu or replace it via camera settings. To access camera settings:
    • Tempo, Mach II and Pro: Switch the controller to SETUP/Camera test mode.
    • Mini and Lite: Switch the controller to Camera test mode, and the camera to ON.
      Formatting the microSD card will clear all photos. Photos that haven’t been uploaded, or copied to another device, will be lost.
  • Pro or Mini Only: You can verify the microSD card for the Pro or Mini is Class 4 or lower, and NON UHS-I spec.

Lodge a Support Ticket

If this article did not resolve your issue, please lodge a Support ticket.