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Alert: External Drive is Full

Alert Details

The system is unable to save photos to the external drive as it reported full in the most recent status update on the Status page. 

    Remote Troubleshooting

      • If the images on the external drive are not required, schedule a format by going to your installation’s Capture Config page and under Advanced settings, choose On next connection, format SSD and then Save file handling settings. 
      • Enable the rolling backup feature so that the external drive doesn’t fill up, but keeps a majority of the images as a backup. To do this, navigate to the Config page, under Photo File Handling select the checkbox to Start deleting old photos from the external drive, when its free space drops below 2% 
      • For Sony cameras, insufficient space on the external drive will result in a failure to capture new photos. See the Sony Camera Operation article for more information.

    On-Site Troubleshooting

      • If the images need to be retrieved, disconnect the external drive from the system, connect to a laptop with a Micro USB cable, and copy the images across.
      • The external drive can be formatted by turning the system to Setup mode, then push in the Advanced Options dial, then rotate the dial to the Format External Drive option, then push the dial in to select, then rotate the dial to select ‘Yes’, and push the dial in again to confirm. A message indicating the format was successful should appear. 
      • The external drive can also be formatted when connected to a computer. Use exFAT format type. 

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