We've added some great new features to the web interface and gallery! If you're an existing user, try them out by heading to setup-beta.photosentinel.com.au and log in as normal. Note that setup-beta is interacting with live data, so any changes you make here will affect live homepages and units out on the field.

Otherwise, watch this video to see all the new features or click straight to learn about any feature via the link in the relevant section below.


Dynamic Gallery

In addition to responsive re-sizing, the brand new dynamic gallery allows you to:

  • Click on the calendar to immediately view all photos from that day;
  • Conduct an advanced search for all photos in a date range, taken at the same time each day;
  • Zoom in to photos inside the gallery; and
  • Compare any two photos side-by-side.

To see the dynamic gallery in action, click here.

Time-lapse Auto-Generator

You can now allow your clients to auto-generate a time-lapse within the photoSentinel web interface. Of course, you may not want clients to have this ability, so this function is only available if you activate it (per photoSentinel unit), and when activated will incur an additional monthly fee (TBC). When generating the time-lapse, the user can select the date range, resolution, video length and the time of day from which to select photos.

To see the time-lapse generator in action, click here.

Add overlays to photos to hide sensitive material

When a photoSentinel is covering or adjacent to a sensitive site, there may be the requirement to obscure part of the image. You are now able to automatically add an overlay to every photo before it is uploaded to the gallery and your backup. Simply upload a PNG that is the same dimensions as the photos and is transparent and masked in the relevant areas. Note that this function will remove all EXIF data as it saves the photo and overlay as a new JPEG.

To see photo overlay in action, click here.

Latest photo link

Rather than clicking through to the full gallery, some clients may request to simply be able to see and display the latest photo. You can now generate a link to the latest photo, which can be embeded into the client's website. This link will refresh every 15 minutes to download the latest photo.

To see latest photo link in action, click here.

Add watermarks to photos

The photoSentinel system now includes the ability to add watermarks to your photos in both gallery and on the latest photo link. Watermarks are added to the low and medium res versions of the photo, but not the high res downloaded from the gallery or sent to our backup.

To se watermarks in action, click here.

Drop-down Menus for easy navigation

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.29.07 amInstallation drop-down menu: On the My photoSentinels page, every unit now features a drop-down menu, activated by hovering over the black triangle. The top four options you will recognise and navigate you straight to the relevant page for that unit.

Homepage drop-down menu: On the Homepages page, a similar drop-down enables you to navigate straight to homepage details and editing.

Create a new gallery for an existing photoSentinel

Previously, if you wanted to reuse an existing photoSentinel on a new job, you would need to delete all the photos from the old project to clear the gallery. Now, you can leave all the old photos on the old gallery (and allow the old client to continue to access it), and create a new gallery for the new photos and new client.

To see how to create a new gallery, click here.

First time setup wizard

photoSentinel is powerful and packed full of features, which can also make it a bit complicated and daunting to first-time users. We've now created a first time setup wizard which will allow new users (and anyone else who wants to use it) to set their unit up with just the most fundamental settings. This way new users can get the unit immediately taking photos without having to learn about every feature all at once.