photoSentinel is proudly sponsoring the long term time-lapse of the rebuilding of the Moore Medical Centre, flattened by the May 2013 tornado.

Neal Risenhoover, Supervisor of Media Services for Norman Regional Health System, says photoSentinel will help bolster and streamline their community engagement during the rebuild of one of Moore’s most important buildings.

“Providing visuals of the recovery process has been greatly simplified by having the photoSentinel Pro”, Risenhoover said.

“Not only can we track the rebuilding, but the photoSentinel does our photography work for us! At any given time we can pull up an ‘up-to-the-moment’ photo and deliver it to the media almost immediately.

“The community, both locally and nationally, have been hungry for news about the hospital since the tornado destroyed it and our team of three is stretched thin constantly providing video and still product to media outlets. 

“The photoSentinel will help us immensely.”

photoSentinel Pro watching over the temporary Emergency Department

David Whitaker, President and Chief Executive Officer at Norman Regional Health System, said, “Having a record of the rebuilding of our new facility is important not only for our employees and staff but also for the entire Moore community.

“While the tornado left an almost unfathomable path of destruction, seeing that we can come back from such devastation is inspiring. This camera will show not only our physical rebuilding but also our spirit and resilience.

"Norman Regional is proud and excited to return to Moore," Whitaker said. "The community of Moore deserves a state-of-the-art facility and that is what we plan to build. But, we are not rebuilding exactly what was destroyed; our plans allow for additional services and amenities to be added later so that the building can grow along with its community." 

The photoSentinel Pro is currently watching over the construction of the temporary Emergency Department which will be open for patients next month. Work on the new Center scheduled to begin in Fall 2014 and is expected to be completed one year later.

The temporary Emergency Department will start servicing patients from December

photoSentinel's sponsorship of a long term time-lapse system and service is part of Good Will Time-lapse, a program through which we donate equipment to help record the resilience and character of communities in rebuilding after disasters.

We're thrilled to be part of the rebuilding of this vital part of the Moore community and are looking forward to seeing the results.

If you have a project that you think might qualify for equipment sponsorship through Good Will Time-lapse, please contact us with your suggestions. We're keen to help out!


If you need a reminder of the enormity of the event, check out these photos.

When the deadly EF15 tornado tore through the small community on May 20, 2013, the hospital was right in its path. ABC News reported that just before the tornado hit, hospital emergency department manager Nick Stremble looked out the window. "I could see the tornado in the neighborhood across the street from us. I could see the debris. It was more than obvious it was going to be there in under a minute." Thankfully, although they heard things hitting the roof and a few ceiling fans fell, none of the staff nor patients were injured.

The hospital building didn't fare so well. While up to 300 people joined staff and patients in the hospital to wait out the storm, once it had passed they realised the damage was severe. According to NewsOK, engineers and insurance adjusters declared the building a total loss and so one month after the storm, a few hundred people gathered outside the wreckage for a brief ceremony before the demolition machines rolled in.

An artist's impression of the new Moore Medical Center

An artist's impression of the new Moore Medical Center

The great news is that the Norman Regional Hospital Authority recently approved plans to build a new $29 million dollar Moore Medical Center facility (complete with tornado-safe zone). Work on the new Center scheduled to begin in Fall 2014 and is expected to be completed one year later.