Have you ever seen a basketball court being re-done? I hadn’t until I saw this time-lapse movie.



It’s not a particularly dynamic nor technical time-lapse, but it had me hooked until the end. The video revealed a mystery to me. I’ve never seen, nor will I likely get any chance to see, a basketball court getting re-laid. Throughout the video, I found myself repeatedly thinking, “Is that how they do it?!”

All of this got me thinking that there are lots of time-lapse movies show me something I’m familiar with, but in fast-forward. It may be beautifully shot and technically brilliant, it may present a unique and stunning angle, but it’s still something I’m familiar with. However, where a time-lapse shows me a process I’m unfamiliar with, it’s engaging and keeps me watching to discover the whole process.

The great thing about time-lapse, of course, is that it presents this mystery in a tolerable time-frame. It would be pretty boring to sit in the stands all day long watching the basketball court be refurbished, no matter how mysterious the process is. But, in time-lapse, the mystery is revealed and the whole revelation made accessible in just a few second.

How have you used time-lapse to reveal a mystery?