photoSentinel Add-on and Accessories

photoSentinel has a whole bunch of add-ons that can help you make the most of your long term construction time-lapse equipment and provide a better service for your clients.

photoSentinel Viewer – iPad

photoSentinel Viewer is the one-stop viewing app for all your photoSentinel units. You can view your photoSentinel status and photos straight from your iPad, so it’s perfect for monitoring multiple units on the go and showing off photos to your clients.





photoSentinel Viewer features:

  • latest status updates from all your photoSentinel time-lapse units, including voltage, SD card space, photo capture time and latest uploads;
  • viewer with the fifty latest photos;
  • select and zoom into sections of the high resolution photos; and
  • create client login accounts (through the normal web interface) so your clients can also use their iPad to show off the latest photos of their project.

Let us know if you download and use the app; we’d love to know what you think of it.

photoSentinel Wallpaper

For use on a Window’s PC, photoSentinel Wallpaper automatically updates your desktop wallpaper with the latest photo from your photoSentinel. Simply choose your installation and how often you want the wallpaper to refresh and you can keep an eye on your project without having to go to the web gallery.

To download the latest version of photoSentinel Wallpaper click here.