Universal Features

Every model in the photoSentinel range includes these great features.

Dynamic Online Gallery

The online gallery equips you and your clients with powerful tools:

  • Customisation with your logos and option to host at your URL.
  • Search, view and zoom in on any high-res photo from the whole project at any time.
  • Dynamic comparison of any two photos.
  • Download and share photos.
  • Slideshow time-lapse of 150 latest photos.

After being uploaded to the photoSentinel server, images are also sent straight to your Dropbox account or FTP server, allowing you to start post-production at any time.

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Dynamic HTML5 gallery for all devices

Peace of mind with status reporting

Don’t set-and-forget your long term time-lapse only to find out later that it never took a photo!

Have peace of mind with up-to-date information on photos taken, storage space, battery and solar voltage, system messages and more, as well as system alerts via email and SMS.

More about status reporting

Rugged, flexible, plug and play

photoSentinel is completely stand-alone. The rugged housings are IP66 weatherproof with B270 optically-pure glass, and come standard with pole mounts and 2-3 axis adjustment. The electronics have been successfully control tested down to -22°C and up to 70°C. With the solar panel, high-powered lithium ion battery and cellular connectivity, you won’t need to plug into any local area network or power.

Change settings remotely

Remotely configure over twenty settings from your computer, tablet or smartphone at anytime during the project.

  • Change your shooting regime anytime and from anywhere.
  • Configure your photoSentinel to trigger photos anywhere between one every few seconds and just one per week.
  • Choose when to upload your images (every image as it’s taken, one per hour or as a batch overnight).

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photoSentinel Mini

photoSentinel Pro

photoSentinel Mach II

Best for

Plug-and-play long term time-lapse

15 minute intervals, your choice of DSLR and lens combo

Intervals down to five minutes, plenty of storage for shooting raw

The Brains

Powerful 3G intervalometer

Powerful 3G intervalometer

Advanced 4G micro-controller

Camera and lens

Fujifilm X-A3

Mirrorless & fully manual
Max Resolution: 24MP, 6000 x 4000 px
Field of view: 70° (35mm equiv.: 24mm)

DSLR and lens of photographer’s choice (must be SD storage).

DSLR and lens of photographer’s choice.

On-board storage

32GB microSD card

32GB microSD card

500GB swappable SSD


10W solar panel and 10200 mAh lithium ion battery (AC optional)

20W solar panel and 13600 mAh lithium ion battery (AC optional)

20W solar panel and 13600 mAh lithium ion battery (AC optional)


Pole mount, two axis adjustment

Pole mount, three axis adjustment

Pole mount, three axis adjustment