Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the photoSentinel controller is where all the magic happens!

The photoSentinel controller:

  • Integrates with most DSLRs on the market;
  • Turns the camera on at set intervals and triggers a photo;
  • Reads the camera’s SD storage output and saves the photos to the on-board microSD card;
  • Connects to the internet over the 3G network to receive configuration settings, send status reports and upload photos; and
  • Charges the battery from the solar or AC power-source.

All-in-one – the controller triggers the camera, stores the photos, charges the battery and connects to the 3G network.

Low-powered – on the standard 10.2Ahr battery, the system can last for more than seven days without need for a recharge*, and longer with larger batteries.

PC-free – because there’s no power-sucking computer, you don’t need a large housing nor lots of power.

*at a shooting regime of 16 photos/day and in an area of strong 3G network signal.

3G connectivity – There’s no need to visit the site and plug in a computer to configure the system or download photos, and real-time status reporting means you always know how your system is going.


Upgrade over the air – The photoSentinel technology is continuously being improved and firmware upgrades can be performed over the air.

Easy troubleshooting – The LED indicator lets you know what the system is doing at any given moment (see the table on the right).

Extreme temperature-friendly – The photoSentinel controller has been successfully control-tested to -22°C (-8°C) and up to 45°C (113°F), and has been deployed to places as cold as the Canadian prairie and as hot as the Australian and Middle Eastern deserts.