Long term time-lapse, in-house


You’re an in-house media department, so you know how your organization rolls and you’ve got a team with great post-production expertise.

So why go to a big companies across the other side of the country to produce your long term time-lapse?

With photoSentinel, you can produce long term time-lapse of your organization’s infrastructure projects, in-house or using your regular contract photographer/production company.

photoSentinel doesn’t offer post-production as a service, so all you pay for is the equipment and connectivity. As the camera takes photos, all the photos are sent straight to your post-production team who can immediately turn them into great marketing stills and HD+ time-lapse.

And if you do want someone who provides the whole kit ‘n caboodle, we can put you in-touch with professional photoSentinel photographers around the country and even the world.

Use photos of long term and remote projects to create HD+ time-lapse movies and marketing material.

Configure your system, receive status updates and get photos sent directly to your web gallery and backup, all over the 3G network.

Customisable web gallery of latest photos, as well as all full-res photos sent straight to your Dropbox account or FTP server.

Remotely configure over twenty settings from your computer, tablet or smartphone at anytime during the project.

Peace of mind through status reporting on the web, iPad app and via SMS/email alerts – know what’s happening with your equipment.

Low-powered electronics completely powered by a small 10-20W solar panel. Successfully tested tested to -11°F and 140°F.

photoSentinel has a live web gallery which can used for remote project monitoring

(which means you may even be able to get it charged to someone else’s cost center!)

photoSentinel Lite

High definition project management
  • Great for remote project management
  • Regular photos delivered straight to your Dropbox or FTP server
  • Powerful photoSentinel Lite controller
  • Crisp Nikon optics (Nikon Coolpix D6800)
  • Online gallery optional
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photoSentinel Mini

All the power, half the size
  • All the power of the photoSentinel Pro, packed into one small box
  • Powerful photoSentinel Pro controller
  • Fully manual, mirrorless FujiFilm X-A1 camera
  • Online gallery customizable with your logos
  • Fully weatherproof, 10W solar panel
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photoSentinel Pro

Our most powerful system
  • Integrate with your choice of DSLR and lens for best quality photos
  • Full remote-control of photo intervals and upload settings
  • Customizable online gallery and status reporting
  • Embed latest photos on your website
  • Fully weatherproof, 20W solar panel
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*A standard fee of USD $110 per month is required for 3G cellular data and server maintenance/storage for each photoSentinel Pro and Mini unit; monthly charges for Lite units depend on the plan. All prices are subject to Cornerstone Solutions’  Standard Terms and Conditions.