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Buy photoSentinel

Choose from one of our plug-and-play packages to get your time-lapse up and running fast.

Rent photoSentinel

If you need photoSentinel for a shorter project, rental could be the best option. You’ll get a system that meets your specs at an affordable weekly or monthly rate.

photoSentinel Custom

Can’t find the packaged set-up you desperately need? Talk to us about creating the ultimate long term time-lapse kit. We’ll help you customise a system that fits your project.

* A standard fee of US$50 per month is required for server maintenance and storage for each photoSentinel unit.

In the US, there is also an AT&T data charge of $60/month/5GB. In all other countries, users are responsible for organising their own cellular data service.

Depending on your location, you may incur local taxes and customs duties on imported goods.

All prices are subject to Cornerstone Solutions’ standard terms and conditions.

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