The photoSentinel Team

The photoSentinel was developed by the team at Cornerstone Solutions based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2004, Cornerstone Solutions are proud to be a world leader in long-term time-lapse while remaining Australian Made. The photoSentinel Headquarters is a cosy, hill-top office filled with our dynamic team of developers, engineers and designers. If it’s quiet, you’ll hear cameras clicking away as we test photoSentinels getting ready to be dispatched.

Lunch time finds us fine-tuning our engineering skills with jigsaw puzzles, and the new coffee machine is our most overworked team member! We pride ourselves on solving problems for our customers through both development and support. In addition to the photoSentinel technology, we also work on bespoke solutions for industries as varied as industrial fans, business productivity and agriculture.

Andrew Harrison
Founder and President
With a strong background in mechanical engineering, founder Andrew leads our growing team in tackling an ever-widening scope of challenges. Andrew has taken photoSentinel from a back-of-an-envelope concept six years ago to a high-quality product favoured by professional content creators worldwide. Andrew's also a skilled woodturner and, when not running his kids around to basketball matches on the weekend, can be found in his shed turning pepper mills.
David Accadia
Chief Technical Officer
As the head of all things development, David is the only one who can claim to know how the photoSentinel system works from end to end - from the components on the circuit board to the photos you see in the gallery. When he's not supporting and improving our existing product line, he's busy inventing something new to bring to market or sleeping to recover from rapid development all-nighters.
Bree Waldron
Artistic Director
Bree brings her design flair to every corner of photoSentinel, from producing high quality promotional materials to working on the usability of our GUI. She vigilantly protects the office from any presence of Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts, and when she's not laughing at Clients From Hell with Matt, she'll be either snowboarding, playing video games or painting miniature figurines.
Matt Salter
Marketing and Communications Manager
With a passion for clear communication, Matt handles the company’s social media channels as well as producing the support and marketing materials. Often starring in our videos, Matt is the closest thing to "the face of photoSentinel" and has even been recognised in public by a customer. Beyond photoSentinel Support videos, his performance career has also included appearances in the Melbourne Fringe and International Comedy Festivals.
Nathan Ruiz
Software Developer
Nathan's familiarity with a range of development tools and programming languages is much valued at photoSentinel, where he is often tasked with finding creative ways to solve technical challenges. His zen-like coding focus is probably only matched by Neo and Morpheus, and he refuses to operate a computer with anything other than Linux and a command line.
David Murray
Software Development Engineer
Passionate about developing software to a high standard, David is a key member of Cornerstone's software engineering team and manages the design, development, testing and deployment of major software projects, including the photoSentinel webapp. A self-professed nerd, David gets excited about vintage video games, table top war board games and Doctor Who, and also has a fondness for 80’s action movies.
Thomas Morris
Support and Development Engineer
Thomas contributes to the product development and support team, working on both new and existing products. Applying his advanced manufacturing training, Thomas has played a significant part in many of the core mechanical engineering components destined for future products. In his final-year university project report, he proudly used significantly more than the required quantity of semicolons - 599 of them, to be precise.
James Lo
Software Development Lead
Bringing with him a decade of full-stack development experience, James is responsible for the underlying architecture of our software projects, as well as mentoring and overseeing other developers. Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his toddler, and catching up with friends and family from all over the world.
Aaron Landreth
Sales Manager
Aaron juggles enquiries from all over the world and can be found on the phone at any time of the day or night talking to customers in every timezone. If you have a question he doesn’t know the answer to, you can be sure he'll know who to ask. Aaron also flexes his creative design skills outside of photoSentinel as the inventor of the successful Skopecam.
James Lamont
Technical Support Manager
James provides photoSentinel technical support and keeps the overall stress levels of the office down by ensuring all our IT systems and networks are running smoothly. Proud father to two young boys, James looks forward to the day he can challenge them to a few laps of the go kart track.
Lachlan Kingsford
Software Development Engineer
With a passion for well-tested and well-documented code, Lachlan enjoys bringing his broad skillset to new software challenges. Lachlan is a talented guitarist and regularly plays to live audiences online.
Rachel Green
Administrative Assistant
As photoSentinel's office organisational extraordinaire, Rachel is adept at successfully streamlining and simplifying administration processes for internal operations. Her recent achievements include moving from the US to the UK to Sydney to Melbourne, getting her first smartphone, and now re-joining the workforce after being at home with kids.
Amirali Gostar
RMIT Research Fellow
Amir brings along his experience working with image processing techniques to help create intelligent systems. Even after completing his PhD, Amir still enjoys reading books (though more Sherlock Holmes and less academic papers) and recently he became the father of twin girls.
Keith Fan
Production Manager
From purchasing parts to dispatching new units, Keith is in charge of the photoSentinel production line and managing the operational processes that keep things running smoothly. He'll also beat any challenger at Street Fighter.
Michael Ellis
Software Trainee
Bringing along a fresh perspective as a recent graduate, Michael has been involved with improving many of photoSentinel's online software systems. Originally from Africa, Michael's idea of "relaxing" includes bungee jumping and paintball.
Paul Deroon
Technical Engineer
A part of the future product team, Paul is primarily involved with the mechanical design of products, ensuring they are ergonomic, sturdy and fit for full-scale production. A father to two sons, Paul somehow also finds time to build his own house.
Joshua Collins
Assistant Engineer
A master of silicon and circuit boards, Josh helps engineer the photoSentinel system and has been know to conduct photoSentinel experiments on a Raspberry Pi-powered Lego cart. Josh is also a smooth saxophonist and an avid cyclist, though rarely at the same time.
J.D. Bonner
Sales Executive / Business Analyst
Perpetually in pursuit of process improvements, JD is tasked with finding solutions to streamline and optimise internal operations, and applying his MBA in order to give customers a seamless user experience. When freed from the confines of his (albeit quite comfortable) desk, JD enjoys hiking and recently completed the Oxfam Australia Trailwalker.
Steve Bland
Production Assistant
Steve is responsible for manufacturing, testing and dispatching photoSentinels, as well as applying his engineering skills to production processes and in-house software. Steve holds an orange belt in karate, and takes great pride in being that only person in the office who's ever managed to get David Murray mildly interested in sport.
Jonathan Bertuch
Production Assistant
Jonathan is closely involved with the manufacturing process, being responsible for the assembly and testing of photoSentinel units. He applies his mechanical engineering skills and inquisitive problem solving mind to the design-for-manufacture of future products, and is the only one who can tame the beast that is our production 3D printer.